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Get into the Groove: Unveiling the Most Collectible Vinyl Records of 2023!
Dec 26, 2023
Embark on a whimsical journey through the most collectible vinyl records of 2023, guided by Discogs as your map to the grooviest treasures. From Pink Floyd's ethereal "Dark Side of the Moon" in gold foil edition to Prince's funkadelic "Purple Rain" in rainbow splatter vinyl, each record is a kaleidoscopic blend of visual and auditory ecstasy. With holographic sleeves, robot-head shaped vinyl, and glitter-infused Bowie classics, this playful exploration is a psychedelic adventure for every vinyl enthusiast seeking sonic serendipity in the year's most coveted releases.

Unveiling the Top Picks: Affordable Turntables for 2024 – Tried, Tested, and Approved!
Dec 26, 2023
Our favorite, the Music Hall MMF-1.3, stands the test of time with 4 years of ownership, boasting a built-in preamp and exceptional sound quality.

WickerWoodWorks Spotify - See what our crew is into!
Nov 24, 2023
 Our love for vinyl records inspired us to start WWW. Check out our playlists of songs, albums, and artists that mean a lot to us!